About Owen Bick

About Me

I'm Owen, I'm a product consultant and web developer that currently lives in Boston. I've helped many companies build digital products that are more human. My philosophy is simple: design products in a way that allows someone to use the product for the first time and feel like they understand what they're looking at. They don't need to be experts, but a digital product should not be overwhelming.

I started developing for the web as a hobby about 12 years ago so I know the tech jargon that matters the most in some of the most complex business cases. I have worked as a software engineer professionally for about 5 years where I have gained an aptitude for simplifying and building out complex infrastructures as economically as possible.

I generally focus on working with startups (Series A, B, & C rounds) who are looking to build a digital product, raise money, and/or expand their engineering and product teams.